The elbküchen concept

What normally happens when you buy a new kitchen…

You spend a lot of time going from kitchen studio to kitchen studio to find the perfect kitchen design to suit your needs. Each time you have to start planning from zero because the kitchen studios will not provide any drawings or plans until you have signed a purchase contract.

The same applies for the installation plans for water and electric, which you won’t receive before you buy your kitchen. However, architects and building contractors often need the installation plans early on. This puts you under unnecessary time pressure, as you have to sort out the details for buying your new kitchen during the often hectic early stages of construction.

Kitchen planning from elbküchen saves you time and eliminates stress…

küchenplanung hamburg

We provide you with individual, design-oriented advice, completely independent from manufacturers.

ganzheitliches Raumkonzept

We develop a comprehensive room concept tailored to how you want to use your kitchen.

We combine many years of experience with the latest trends in technology and design.

We provide precise kitchen plans so your water and electrical installations can be completed.

We guarantee that your new kitchen will be planned on time.

And elbküchen also offers the following advantages for your kitchen planning…